Fourth of July Fashions for Women

Summer clothing may be more casual than the fashions of other seasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress in shorts and a tee shirt or a sundress when you go to a barbecue or go on a beach vacation this Independence Day. With a little thought you can select women’s clothes that make a statement about your personality. Check through your closet for red, white, and blue items that will keep you in style for the holiday with one of the following looks.

Bombshell Fashions

Why wear a halter top and shorts when you can pull together a red corset or bustier and a swishy, pleated blue skirt or narrow-legged pants? Make sure you do your hair (a quick ponytail doesn’t count), and make up (retouch your lipstick throughout the day). Also paint your fingers and toes; the chipped polish from last week’s mani-pedi doesn’t count. This sexy style inspired by the 1940s and 1950s looks elegant and confident.

Classic Clothes Are Always in Style

The classic clothing style is timeless and carefree without being overly casual. The classic style includes feminine versions of menswear. Wear denim capris and a white tee shirt to that Fourth of July barbecue. Wear red slingbacks, red plastic studs, and a red bangle for a pop of color. You know your style is classic if you could have worn the same outfit in 1974, 1987, or 2009.

Eclectic Women’s Clothing

Look for vintage or vintage-inspired clothing pieces. An eclectic style can combine clothing suggesting different time periods or opposing fashion styles, such as sweet and romantic with Gothic. Embellishments such a lace and beading can add sophistication. To avoid looking like you are wearing a costume, wear one or two distinctive pieces, although each piece you wear should be interesting in some way. Try clipping red, white, or blue vintage earrings along the straps of a tank top or wearing a long necklace as a bracelet.

Bohemian Fashions

Bohemian Fashions
Bohemian Fashions

A bohemian look is both casual and luxurious. When you select your red and blue, choose muted over garishly bright versions of these colors. Look for clothing with textures over patterns — lace, beading, and crochet — and a flow to the fabric. Go for several thin layers as opposed to a single layer. If you wear a long, loose skirt, combine it with a structured top so the look doesn’t become sloppy looking. Add ethnic jewelry — maybe items you picked up at a street vendor’s cart or a lightweight fringed shawl.

Rock ‘n Roll Your Fourth of July

A rock and roll look is both strict and sensuous. Skip the ruffles and look for clothing with zippers, chains, and studs. Select structured items. If you want to stay in style but soften the look, add a romantic touch by including a Gothic- or Victorian-inspired piece. A rock and roll look for a barbecue could consist of skinny blue jeans, a sleek off-the-shoulder red top, and plastic white skull jewelry.

With a little thought you don’t have to hide your fashion style just because you’re going to a Fourth of July barbecue or spending time at the beach. Consider what look you want to try, look through your wardrobe for appropriate red, white, and blue pieces and then dazzle others with a look as spectacular as the fireworks.

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